About us

We are Arne and Esther, an artistic duo based in Antwerp. Together we form the design studio Puma Press.

Thanks to the use of screenprinting techniques, our style is characterized by abstract shapes and the use of bright colors.


We love to experiment with found images as well as new drawings and printing techniques. Ultimately, these experiments express themselves in posters, prints, publications, and all kinds of applied purposes.

About screen printing

Screenprinting is a printing technique to reproduce multiple images on paper, textile, or other surfaces. To prepare your screen, you need to apply a light-sensitive emulsion onto a stretched mesh screen. Then, you use a black overlay of your desired image, to block out the light. After that, you are ready to expose your screen to UV light. 

All the black parts of the transfer paper reflect light and the emulsion stays soft and can be washed away with water. The parts where the light shines on the emulsion become fixated and will block off the screen

You are now ready to print.


You can use whatever color you want on your screen. With the use of a squeegee, you press the ink through the exposed parts of the mesh. You can print as many images as you want.

The ink has a high density of pigments which makes it perfect to create long-lasting images or to print on dark surfaces.

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